Join the Daybreak Family!

The Only Home for Homeless Youth in San Mateo County


Started in 1990 by Assemblyman Rich Gordon, Carol Welsh Gray, and the Junior League of Palo Alto/Mid-Peninsula, Daybreak was created to empower homeless teens to overcome their challenges, build positive relationships, and achieve financial self-sufficiency. At that time, it was the first home for homeless youth in the country outside a major urban area. Over the last 24 years, Daybreak has transformed the lives of thousands of youth in San Mateo County, and is still the county’s only home for homeless youth.

You can help keep this invaluable resource available for some of the most vulnerable youth in our community by becoming a member of the Daybreak Family. There are two ways of participating in this effort: 

  1. A one-time contribution of $1,000

  2. Monthly contributions of $85 for one year 


- Residents are required to attend school and work. Our trained financial advisors help them create a budget, balance a checkbook, and create a savings account.

- Our residential counselors assist in finding employment, applying for college, and creating an individualized plan for their future.

- Beyond the professional guidance, our staff are often the first positive, adult role models for these youth.


- 80% of our homeless youth complete high school.

- 100% of our residents save significant funds to help them pay for college, apartment, or a car.

- 2500 homeless and runaway youth are served annually through street outreach.


Due to a drastic cut in federal funding, Daybreak has lost 2/3 of its funding and is threatened with closure. Without Daybreak, there will be no home for homeless youth in the County. 

As a member of the Daybreak Family, you will be invited to a members-only annual reception at Daybreak and be listed on a special donor plaque at the house. You will also receive quarterly updates, including client stories, progress reports, and financial information.

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