Strengthening Our Youth (SOY)

StarVista’s Strengthening Our Youth (SOY) program offers professional counseling, education, and prevention services to students and families in five schools throughout northern San Mateo County. The goal of this program is to help students learn to make healthy decisions as they enter their teenage years. Through school-wide awareness programs, classroom discussions, extra-curricular activities, small groups, and individual meetings, students will build decision making and critical thinking skills, stronger self-esteem and social skills, and closer and healthier relationships with peers and family members and the school community.

By strengthening our students self-esteem and decision making skills, we hope to prevent interest in alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs, and to reduce violence, bullying, or interest in gangs. At the same time, we strive to help students improve their school performance while developing personal motivation, goals, and a sense of purpose.

SOY clinicians are available to see students who are having difficulties at school, show interest in alcohol, drugs, or gangs, or have personal or family issues that could lead to substance abuse and other risk-taking behaviors. SOY clinicians can also work with any student who just needs help finding a way to navigate the challenging years of adolescence.

Throughout the 2017-2018 school year, the SOY team is providing support at the following schools:

  • Jefferson High School
  • Half Moon Bay High School
  • South San Francisco High School
  • Thomas R. Policita Middle School
  • Ben Franklin Middle School

If you are concerned about your child and feel that he/she could benefit from participating in the SOY Program, please call please contact