Bridges is an intensive, outpatient day treatment program focused on treatment of alcohol and drug offenders who are incarcerated. The goal of Bridges is to help individuals end the cycle of substance abuse and crime. Spearheaded by the Superior Court of San Mateo County, this county-wide collaborative program was created in 1999 to make a difference in the lives of addicted offenders who had given up hope of change. In San Mateo County, successful completion of the Bridges Program will satisfy a mandate from the Court to enter and complete a residential treatment program as a condition of probation.

The program staff is selected for their special skill in working with the targeted population and is specially trained. The intensive approach to treatment requires small caseloads and strong enviornmental controls such as drug testing and electronic monitoring. The program effectiveness lies, in part to the commitment of both staff and participants in this one-year program.

Program Eligibility

  • Must be eligible for probation in San Mateo County
  • Must have a history of alcohol and drug dependency
  • Must have no more than one current pending or one prior conviction involving sale or possession of controlled substance for sales
  • Must have no more than one current pending or one prior conviction for a misdemeanor crime of violence
  • Must not be required to register as a sex or gang registrant (as a result of current or past criminal history)