Transitional Housing Youth Services

Transition Housing Youth Services

StarVista’s Transitional Youth Services (TYS) provides housing assistance and case management services to youth ages 18-24. TYS consists of two main components: THP-Plus (Transitional Housing Placement Plus) and Aftercare.

THP-Plus is a 24 month program that provides multiple housing options and case management. Aftercare provides case management services for youth.
These programs provide an opportunity for youth to build on their strengths and expand their community of support. Youth develop skills, achieve their goals, and become self-sufficient adults.


The THP Plus Program provides three housing options: Single Site, Host, and Scattered Site.

  • Single Site (Orange & Grand) In this option, youth live in a triplex in South San Francisco. Youth are expected to meet program agreements and attend a weekly group.
  • Host Program In this option, youth live with a supportive adult such as a mentor, relative, coach, or former foster parent.
  • Scattered Site In this option, youth rent their own room or apartment. Youth must have an adequate income and demonstrate advanced independent living skills.
  • In all three housing options, youth receive financial support and must meet with a case manager at least twice per month. Youth are required to engage in at least 30 hours of productive activity per week (i.e. school, work, counseling, etc.).


    Case management services for youth who were in the foster care or probation system.


    Youth ages 18-24 that have aged-out of the foster care or probation system on or after their 18th birthday.

    Youth that were in the foster care or probation system on or after their 16th birthday.