Children's Place

Children's Place Program

The Children’s Place offers prevention services for children of parents who are addicted to drugs or alcohol. In an effort to break the cycle of addiction, the program uses education and counseling to teach children about addiction, help them learn healthy coping and safety skills, build their self-esteem, and help them realize that they are not alone.

The Children's Place offers closed, structured, age appropriate, developmentally appropriate and culturally appropriate community group meetings for children ages 5-13 growing up in chemically dependent families; a school-based program that provides education/therapeutic support groups designed to break the intergenerational cycle of familial chemical dependency; and our popular Kids Kamp program, a safe nurturing environment where children ages 8-11 who have participated in The Children’s Place program can put aside the stress and concerns of growing up in a chemically dependent family and simply be kids and have fun!

For more information, call 650-504-9904