Child & Adolescent Hotline & Prevention Program

CAHPP Hotline

The Child & Adolescent Hotline and Prevention Program (CAHPP) is a hotline that is available 24/7 for parents of children of all ages (0-18), as well as educators, counselors, doctors, coaches, and members of the community. The hotline number is (650) 567-KIDS (5437). CAHPP’s licensed clinicians respond to callers and texters with questions regarding a child who may be having difficulty reaching developmental milestones or is exhibiting concerning and/or unusual behavior; for example, a child who is easily frustrated or discouraged; inattentive; a loner or excessively shy; constantly seeking attention; or noncompliant.

The goal of this exciting new program is to provide early identification of behavioral, learning, and development issues; referrals to appropriate counseling and support services; short-term counseling services; and follow-up services to ensure long term success.

New Online Classes

StarVista’s Child & Adolescent Hotline & Prevention Program announces a new series of parenting classes for Mandarin Chinese speakers. These classes will focus on developing a respectful and cooperative relationship between parents and children. These group classes will be held online.

In addition, we are also launching a new Chinese International Student Support group, for Mandarin Chinese speaking students who are new to high school. This support group will also be held online.

All referrals are welcomed!

For more information contact the CAHPP/ KidsLine at 650-567-5437 or email

Lucky Kids Club

The Lucky Kids Club is a special, no-cost program for children in kindergarten through 6th grade at schools throughout San Mateo County. The program is designed to support children who are experiencing mild school adjustment difficulties or are:

  • shy or withdrawn
  • acting out to get attention
  • afraid to take risks
  • experiencing separation/divorce

The goals of the Lucky Kids Club are to identify potential problems early in a child’s life and to provide support that will help them develop socially, emotionally, and intellectually so they can thrive in school.