Merger FAQS

Why is Pyramid merging with StarVista?

The merger of StarVista and Pyramid Alternatives is a strategic partnership designed to capitalize on each agency’s existing strengths, while maximizing efficiencies achieved through this new alignment.

Drawing on each parent agencies values, effective programs, experienced staff, and reputation in the communities they serve, the merged agency will continue to offer high impact services to those in need throughout San Mateo County.

Pyramid Alternatives reached out to StarVista in late 2016 to explore the possibility of a merger. Pyramid Alternatives and StarVista agreed to explore the merger as a strategic growth opportunity, with natural synergies, dedication to providing impactful mental health and supportive services, and our shared history of collaboration, referrals, and clinical expertise.

Following an extensive exploratory and due diligence process, the merger was unanimously approved by each parent agency’s Board of Directors.


What is the effective date of the merger?

The merger is effective as of July 3, 2017.


What is the name of the merged agency?

Pyramid Alternatives will become a part of StarVista. Pyramid programs have either been absorbed by existing StarVista programs, or brought over as new programs. The new programs will operate under the StarVista name, and as “a Pyramid Program.”


Who is the leadership of the merged organization?

Linda Malone, former Executive Director of Pyramid Alternatives, retired from her position in February 2017, but remains a part of the merged agency as the Program Director of the Bridges Program. Sara Larios Mitchell, Ph.D., will continue her tenure as CEO of StarVista.  In addition, Ken Pesso, from the Pyramid Alternatives Board of Directors was unanimously elected to the StarVista Board of Directors.


What will happen to Pyramid Programs?

Pyramid’s offices and programs remain operational. Some of Pyramid programs have been folded in to existing StarVista programs where natural synergies and overlap existed. Other Pyramid programs are now new StarVista programs, using the same program names and staffing as before the merger.


How will this affect Pyramid or StarVista clients?

Pyramid clients will continue to receive services at their current program sites, from the same staff. StarVista programs will also continue as before. Clients from both programs will benefit from an expanding scope of services and internal collaboration and referral opportunities, as well as expanded geographic reach compared to each parent agency.


How big is the combined agency?

Following the merger, StarVista has an annual budget of $14.18m, and 210 employees.


I have more questions! Who can I contact?

Please reach out to Sara Larios Mitchell, CEO at 650-591-9623 x.112, or Robin Rudikoff, Director of Development & Marketing at 650.591.9623 x.142,