Tanya's Story

In times of crisis, StarVista answers the call. For anyone in need, struggling with depression, or worried about a friend, StarVista is there. Our Crisis Intervention and Suicide Prevention team was there for more than 16,000 callers last year. 

“It’s like I hit a brick wall,” Tanya said before bursting into tears once again. On the other end of StarVista’s crisis hotline, the hotline volunteer listened patiently, waiting for Tanya’s sobs to subside. Tanya had called the crisis line in a moment of distress. Overwhelmed by her depression, Tanya felt paralyzed by her sadness and couldn’t muster the energy to get out of bed. Instead, she called StarVista: a number her friend had recommended to her weeks before.

The hotline counselor listened to Tanya’s story—about her stressors, including her partner's substance abuse. The counselor helped Tanya feel calm and reassured her that she wasn’t alone.

Tanya and the counselor then talked about resources for Tanya, her partner, and their daughter, like StarVista’s Children’s Place program, a program for young people with family members struggling with drug and alcohol abuse, and StarVista’s Counseling Center.

StarVista was there for Tanya—providing hope, help, and healing.  Please make a gift to StarVista this holiday season to help individuals like Tanya and the 41,000 people we served this year. Especially during the holidays, when our crisis line experiences an influx of callers, we rely on your support to continue offering free and vital services like our crisis hotline.

Like so many of the children, adults, youth, and families that we serve, Tanya came to StarVista when she was unsure of where to turn, or how to get help.

With more than 30 programs, across San Mateo County, StarVista continues to provide hope, possibility, and opportunity for our community’s most vulnerable residents.

Your generous gift to StarVista today will transform the lives of children, youth, adults, and families this holiday season. They are counting on your support!


Warm regards,

Sara Larios Mitchell, Ph.D.

P.S. Please give to StarVista today to make a difference for so many, like Tanya.


NOTE: Client name changed to protect confidentiality.