Healthy Homes

Lives Transformed: Healthy Homes

Elizabeth* and her two children, ages 3 and 5, were referred to Healthy Homes after her husband (the children's father) was arrested and taken to jail on domestic violence charges. Elizabeth and her children had endured severe physical and emotional abuse prior to the arrest.

Elizabeth and her family were living in fear when a Healthy Homes Case Manager and therapist first started seeing them. The children were physically aggressive towards their mother and with each other; they were hyper-vigilant and suffered from sleep problems such as insomnia, nightmares and sleep terrors. Elizabeth was overwhelmed and emotionally drained. In addition to ongoing court appearances for restraining orders, divorce, and other legal matters, there were two attempts to kidnap the children from the home by unknown individuals.

After three months of working with their Healthy Homes therapist and Case Manager, Elizabeth's family has become much more stable. As a result of the support and education around Domestic Violence issues, Elizabeth was able to gain a better understanding of her children's behavior and implement new parenting skills to provide a safe, predictable and structured environment for her children. Her children have significantly reduced their aggressive behavior and have learned to identify and express their feelings more appropriately. Most importantly, Elizabeth has found the courage to begin to heal and utilize the resources available to her in the community. Elizabeth and her children are beginning to feel what life can be like without violence and see each day as an opportunity to start over.

*Names and identifying features have been changed to protect client confidentiality.