Lives Transformed: Daybreak

Abby* moved into Daybreak, StarVista’s transitional living program for teens, to escape emotional and verbal abuse from her grandfather, who severely physically abused her until, at the age of 12, she phoned Child Protective Services. The physical abuse stopped after CPS’ intervention, but the emotional and verbal abuse continued. She eventually decided to make some changes in her life – she enrolled herself in a college preparatory academic charter school and moved into Daybreak.

Before coming to Daybreak, Abby had been involved in a gang, fought frequently, and performed poorly in school. Once she joined Daybreak, Abby raised her grades and found a job utilizing her Spanish language skills. She always welcomed new youth into the program and built relationships easily, and at her graduation from Daybreak all the residents identified her as the first youth who made them feel welcome.

Abby is currently renting a room in the community as part of StarVista’s shared housing program. She is a junior in high school and is working hard to maintain her grades so that she can achieve her goal of attending college.

*Names and identifying features have been changed to protect client confidentiality.