Children's Place

Lives Transformed: Children's Place

Three brothers – 7 year old Andrew*, 9 year old Kyle*, and 10 year old Kevin* – began receiving counseling services with StarVista’s Children’s Place at the beginning of the school year -- all three boys were underperforming in school. After establishing rapport with their counselor, the boys began to relate how their mother was often drunk at home and they were forced to fend for themselves. The boys expressed their fears and concerns about seeing their mother intoxicated.

The Children’s Place counselor informed Child Protective Services of what was going on in the home, and attended a meeting where a care plan was established for the family. The mother was encouraged to enter an outpatient alcohol treatment facility, which she did.

StarVista’s counselor provided referrals to other community services and as a result, both parents started attending parenting classes provided through the County. The boys joined an after-school program where they could get help with their homework and engage with peers during free play time. The boys continued to attend the Children’s Place and talk about the feelings they experienced when their mother was drinking; they were relieved to have a safe and confidential space where they could express their feelings.

After a few months, reports by the boys of mom’s alcohol abuse stopped. Mom is currently in treatment and in recovery. Teachers report that the boys’ behavior and academics at school have improved dramatically!

*Names and identifying features have been changed to protect client confidentiality.